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This journey began over 25 years ago when my family was vacationing in Arizona and we came across a craft fair that had a kettle corn vendor. As a lover of popcorn, I knew that this was an amazing way to prepare popcorn. It was so good, we traveled over 60 miles the next day to buy more and bring it back to New Jersey.

After doing some research, I started making my own version of this great new find. Many hours were spent experimenting with different kernels, oils, sugars, and salts until the final product was ready. I would make it for family and close friends to enjoy over the holidays and birthdays. The batches would literally take me hours to make, but the positive reactions made all the work and effort worth every minute.

Fast forward 3 years, we had moved to San Diego after I retired out of health insurance. Now I was ready to start my popcorn business. I found a popcorn manufacturer in Canada that could replicate my recipe, then found a local food broker and we submitted my samples to Costco. They loved the popcorn, but a few days after my submission, a "big company" sent in their version of kettle corn and "they" were in,  and was out. (BTW "they" only lasted about 6 months before they were no longer being carried in stores). After hearing that news, I decided to go in a different direction. Then, 20 years and a few business ventures later, I was still talking about the popcorn and making samples for friends, family, and clients. 


In April 2019 my mother Goldie- who was 93 at the time and is the sweetest woman ever- asked me when I was finally going to launch the popcorn business. My response was “Right Now!”, and that is how Goldie Pops was born.


We started in one of the largest farmers markets in San Diego and now we’re in the top 3  local farmers markets here. We use only the best ingredients: NON-GMO corn, of which I screened about 25 different kernels before deciding on our present choice, along with the best NON-GMO coconut oil, Himalayan Salt, Organic Sugar, and all natural flavors.

Our popcorn is delicious any time, but put it in the freezer and the flavor POPS!  Yes, in the freezer, please try it. You can leave it in the freezer as long as you like. "When the temperature drops the flavor POPS!"


Check us out on Yelp and Google, or at:

Instagram: @goldiepopskraftcorn


If you have any questions, please let us know! You can email us at


Goldie, Lowell, and the Goldie Pops Popcorn team

Goldie Pops
Goldie 95 years old. Party Long Island. Balloons and popcorn
Lowell owner. Goldies Son

Lowell and Goldie at her 95th birthday party, 2021

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